Failure to complete this side quest will result in you not being able to access Turtle's Paradise No. That'll open up the creature to magic attacks, so keep hitting it until it staggers and finish it off. You'll also need to enter the lab to retrieve the last item you need for the Secret Medicine quest, which is the Behemoth's Horn. During Disc 2 you will have to participate in this side quest when you're searching for the Huge Materia but aside from that one time Fort Condor is completely optional. This time, they've got a big Grungy Bandit backing them up, who will like to charge at you and pick you up. As the Tonberry's health drops, it'll start using an attack that freezes all your characters with Stop, which will open them up to killing blows. The second stash is in Steel Mountain, north of the Sector 5 Undercity. Once you do enough damage, it'll flee. There is a huge array of side-quests. Head back to the entrance of Rust Boulevard to find Wymer, who opens the way to a new section of the area. Return to the Sector 5 Train Station to return the wallet to Johnny. If their barrier is a white shell, switch to Aerith and lay into them with her regular magic attacks, or hit them with Wind spells. The full list of side quests is included below: Turtle’s ParadiseRead all of the Turtle’s Paradise Flyers as you progress through the game to receive some strong items when you arrive in Wutai. Side quests are missable until they’re not, so don’t stress over them too much Extracurricular missions are a new addition to at least this section of Final Fantasy VII’s story. Your reward for finishing the quest is a Time Materia. Your plan here should be to run from the regular Pies to avoid their bounce attacks, while charging up ATB to hit the King with Ice spells, which it's weak against. Level 4 Limit BreaksWhere to find each of the Level 4 Limit Break items/manuals for each character in the game. Repeat the process until the job is done; it'll take a while, but if you keep on top of healing spells, you should be okay. Either set of spells will knock the Hellhound down so you can close the gap to do more melee damage. This is actually a tough, special version of the Hedgehog Pie enemies you've been facing all through this section, and fighting it is kind of a pain. These guys are highly resistant to both magic and spells. Once the two Pies are dead, mopping up the King won't be a problem. FF7 Remake's Chapter 9 has five side quests total, but you'll only be able to do three in a given playthrough. Don't be afraid to switch to Aerith and let Cloud take care of himself. Anything you throw at the Behemoth will work, although unless you put a lot of punishment on the Behemoth's horns, avoid spells--magic will trigger counterattacks until the horns are destroyed. At that point, finishing off the other should be pretty simple. The stash itself is in the Former Disposal Area in the Old Trunk Line - Control Section. Final Fantasy VII Remake: Every Side Quest In Chapter 9 & How To Complete Them. He's slow and weak to fire, however, so just avoid him and hit him with magic attacks or Punisher strikes until you put him down. Located around the west side of Trabia Garden and examine the edge of the peninsula to see a writing saying TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE. FF7 Remake's third chapter is your first foray into the game's semi-open sections where you get to complete side-quests. The Hellhound is a two-headed monster, and each side of its personality has a flame that helps it generate powerful fire-based attacks. Head towards the train station again to find a woman named Gwen, who's arguing with some Shinra soldiers. Lost Friends. Email When you finish, return to Wymer in Evergreen Park to get your reward, the Sharpshooter's Companion Vol. Focus on one Phantom and hit it as hard as you can whenever it appears, and use Punisher mode counter-attacks when the ghosts disappear and attack you. Watch out for their Screech attack, which will stun anyone caught in it; when one uses it, all three will focus on the stunned character and use Aeroga spells on them. Similar to the squat minigame, it's pretty straightforward: beat Andrea to complete the quest. A good way to do this is to take over control of Barret, so you can focus fire on either its Upper Body or Lower Body with a variety of attacks, while staying out of harm's way. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Chapter 3 Side Quests. To get the Chocobo Sam quests ("The Party Never Stops" and "Dynamite Bodies"), agree with Johnny at the Honeybee Inn, choose heads or tails at the coin toss, and choose the "poor man's" option for 100 gil at Madam M's. Drop back by the hideout after the "Kids on Patrol" quest to try the kids' game, Whack-a-Box. III as a reward. After completing Nuisance in the Factory, the Junk Dealer will notify you of another pesky Drake that needs some killing. There are three side-quests you can unlock in Chapter 9. Beyond it is a chest with two sedatives inside. Returning to Cosmo CanyonReturning to Cosmo Canyon later in the game to pick up a Full Cure Materia and Red XIII’s Ultimate Weapon, Limited Moon. Power of Music is a side quest in Final Fantasy VII remake. This can be a lengthy fight, but you should be able to win out once you start separating and killing off the monsters. Extinguishing one or both of those flames with magic spells drives up its stagger meter in a hurry. Defeat it and return to the doctor to get Teluric Scriptures Vol. Its Chef's Knife melee attack will take you out in one hit, but if you can dodge the Tonberry's attacks, you can lay down a lot of punishment and drive up its stagger meter. The discs are hidden in the vicinity of the quest giver, but they’re easy to overlook. When you're done, finish the Sewers main quest with Leslie. III as a reward. You mostly just need to follow Johnny around Wall Market, talking to people. Battle your way through the area behind the kids' hideout to reach the Hedgehog Pie King, which will be backed up by two regular Hedgehog Pies. Talk to Mirielle, then pick up the Corneo's Vault Note key item on the ground behind her. When that happens, switch to another character and wail on the Gorger attacking your character until it lets go. In the Coliseum, you'll face the Beastmaster again, but with a new enemy working with him: the Hellhound. Speak to Damon, the reporter, near the community center to kick things off, then meet Mireille inside the community center for more info. Chapter 9 is particularly notable because it includes a branching pathway between two sets of side-quests that are broadly either aligned with Chocobo Sam or with Madam M--two of Don Corneo's closest confidants. The first is your encounter with Johnny after seeing him sprint past you as you're heading towards Don Corneo's mansion, the second is the coin toss with Chocobo Sam, and the third is the massage course you choose at Madam M's. He'll give you the Assess Materia when you take on the quest; use it on any enemies you fight from here on out. Again, depending on your grinding, it is going to take around 10 hours. You'll fight two Bomb enemies, which don't have any major weaknesses, but are strong against Fire attacks. After talking to Kyrie, you'll need to go to Wall Market's coliseum to deal with the Shinra goons who have been bothering her. If you haven't started the “Yuffie Stole my Materia" Side Quest, I would advise to do so now, you can start this quest at any time during Disc 1 and Disc 2 but you will not be able to complete this during Disc 3. If you cast spells or use Barret's ranged attacks, make them the ones that don't have long animations--stand still too long and the Tonberry will hit you with another one-hit kill attack, this one long-range, so try to dodge it. It contains some of the games strongest enemies as well as a huge assortment of end-game items. The King has a lot of health, so you'll want to get rid of his minions, which are the real threats in the fight; don't overcommit to trying to bring down the king while getting blasted by his buddies. FF7 Remake Guide & Walkthrough Wiki After you've cleared the first set of quests, return to Wymer, who will send you to Scrap Boulevard. With a few rounds of magic spells and some of Cloud's melee attacks, you should be able to stagger and kill it, then repeat the process for the other two. The Kalm TravelerHead to Kalm to complete some of the final quests in Final Fantasy VII. In the factory, return to where you got the Fire materia earlier during Nuisance in the Factory, and you should find a stack of boxes you can smash to the left of the gate doorway. Land near the Shumi Village and … You'll find the guys in the vacant lot just short of her house, past the Leaf House. You'll get the Art of Swordplay Vol. Head to the train station north and west of the Sector 5 Central District, then follow the path north to the church. Head north on the path from the locked gate into the Twilight Valley area; you'll find the last two enemies pretty quickly along the path. Afterward, go northeast up the path toward Lookout Point. The third is for the narrow alley just north and east of the Item Shop, which will earn you a pack of three Big Bombers. Finishing the quest gets you the Sam's Lifetime Pass key item, which lets you take chocobo rides for free from Sam's Delivery Service, making fast travel a lot easier. If you can keep from getting overwhelmed, the Ice magic should do the trick until you can kill all three enemies. Emerald WeaponGuide to defeating the second hardest encounter in the game. For Final Fantasy VIII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Disk 3 side quests? Read this guide on All Quests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake, FF7R).

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