ABS plastic is generally used in household or personal 3D printing. injection molding process and 3D printing. ", Step 4: Power tools don't work well on ABS (or PVC). You can also drill holes along the guideline if you want to. You'll often find ABS, a rigid form of plastic, as trim on motorcycle or car bodies and RV holding tanks, as well as shower pans. Take your time when cutting through the material. Getting the perfect cuts may take some practice at first but once you have mastered the techniques, you will find yourself turning large plastic sheets into sizable pieces in no time! Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: you@domain.com. Clear your workbench surfaces of any debris or particles. 6. When you make repairs to your drainage plumbing or water pipes, you often have to cut through PVC or ABS pipes. Abs pipe and fittings are used for dwv or drain, waste, and vent piping systems. Place the ABS pipe horizontally on the miter saw's base and against the back stop. Then secure the plastic using a clamp. Then turn on the machine and slowly feed the ABS plastic into the saw blade. Cutting ABS plastic requires power tools, however, if the piece you are working on is thin enough, it can be cut simply by scorching it repeatedly using a utility knife. This maintains the integrity of the material and prevents any debris from scratching the surface of the plastic. There are two kinds of PVC pipe cutters: scissor style … Specifically designed to cut PVC, HDPE, and ABS pipe from the inside and is especially suited to concrete slab construction. ABS is widely popular, particularly because it can be used with desktop or ABS 3D printers. Make several scores along the guideline. Prepare the work surface and lay the plastic on it. Rigid pipe comes in sizes from 1/2-inch to 2 inches. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. After that, flip the ABS plastic over and score the material along the highlighted lines. The Best Way to Joint PVC and ABS Plastic Pipe. All Rights Reserved. This will cut the pipe more evenly. Ratchet-style cutters tend to be more accurate than scissor-type while having the capacity for larger-diameter pipes up to 1-1/2 inches. Power miter saws work easily on all sizes, especially when cutting a large quantity of pipes, but, like many power tools, tend to be more expensive. Then, use the appropriate kind of cement that matches the material and follow instructions. ABS plastic is a kind of thermoplastic polymer. I do have to say that Kent’s answer is perfect — except for one major item. With pipe secure, slowly draw the hacksaw blade back and forth, making sure that the cut is straight. Choose the best cutting method available to you based on the size of the pipe and the quantity of cuts you’ll need to make. For ABS pipes, remove any ink, oil or dirt with chemical pipe cleaner and allow to dry. Cementing CPVC and PVC pipes requires the application of a primer to soften the plastic and provide proper adhesion. This can cause the plastic to melt. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Prepare Pipes and Fittings for Connection, How To Cement PVC Conduit for Electrical Wiring, Step 1: If you have a portable band saw, then you can easily cut thick ABS plastic sheets. Many of the key differences between Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) are either minor or situational, but there’s one difference likely to stand out to many homeowners: ABS pipe is made with BPA, and PVC pipe is not. BPA, or Bisphenol A, is a chemical commonly used to harden plastic. ", Step 7: If, for any reason, you need to join one to the other during a remodeling project, don’t just cement the two together. A clean bench will help ensure the ABS maintains its integrity and look without getting metal or other debris embedded in it. One striking difference between these two materials is that the way plastics behave. When it is necessary for you to cut your ABS pipe, do it with a pipe cutter or tube cutter. We hope the methods and tips we mentioned in this article will aid you to cut ABS plastic just the way you want it. Cutting or sawing pipe often leaves rough edges and stray fragments of pipe. Center the mission coupling over the third joint and tighten the bands firmly. Keep using the file till the point the edges are smooth. While a circular saw can be the best tool for making straight cuts, a jigsaw can be used for complex curved cuts. Indoor/Outdoor Aged Bronze Ceiling Fan, Shop Fifth and Main Lighting Pendant Lights, Buy Wonderful Pomegranate Tree Fruit Trees POMWON05G, Shop RYOBI Riding Mower & Tractor Attachments. To make linear cuts on thick ABS plastic sheets, you need a table or a circular saw. Jigsaw has better mobility, which allows you to create curved cuts into the ABS plastic. In this article, we will discuss how to cut ABS plastic for 3D printing purposes. Wrap a piece of duct tape around the pipe so that the outside edge of the tape aligns with the pencil … Using a marker or a highlighter, draw a cut line on the plastic sheet or pipe. Remember to secure it using a clamp. Choose the Cutting Method for Your Pipe Also, an error in cutting can cause irreversible damage to the plastic sheet. Working with PVC and other kinds of rigid pipe can be the easiest part of home plumbing projects. Whether you're working with PVC, ABS or cast iron, Mission couplings are essential for fitting a section of pipe into an existing run of waste line or vent. [3] X Research source Clean off any debris or particles before you lay the material on your workbench. >> Best PLA Plastic Glue – Reviews and Buying Guide, >> 3D Printing Software For Beginners and Expert, Your email address will not be published. Also, use protective gloves to prevent any cuts from sharp plastic edges. Finally, break the portion that is hanging off from the workbench by snapping it. Turn the power off and wait for the blade to stop before lifting the miter saw away from the … Get it as close as possible to the sheet. The first step is to mark the cutting line using a highlighter. Fix the material to the edge of your workbench. ABS, CPVC and PVC are different types of rigid plastic pipe commonly used in residential plumbing systems. They do make a cable saw for this but, they don't last. Over tightening the material can damage the material. Do not use the same dauber for the cement that you used on the primer. (If you are using PVC then that’s different.) This will it firmly in place and stop any movements. ", Step 8: Turn off the saw and wait for the blade to stop spinning before removing the pipe. Reduce speed near completion to provide a clean cut at the end. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Always start cutting when the saw runs at its best. Cutting PVC in a Tight Spot: I used a vise and a couple of 2x4's to simulate a hard to reach pipe. It is a material that is found in numerous day-to-day products. PVC Pipe Sizes Then hold the material firmly using a clamp. Cons: Acute … Position the mark on the pipe with the circular saw blade. Dry-fit pipes and fittings to make sure the piping is sized correctly and does not bend or twist. Have more … Use the guideline you have previously drawn to navigate your saw. ABS is a plastic variant that exhibits a wide array of useful properties. If you hold the pipe by hand while cutting, it can be less accurate and less safe. Make sure that your body parts are away from the path of the blade and the press the power button. The tape can simply be peeled off after you have cut the plastic. If you are working on a plastic sheet, make the marks on both sides. Great if you are afraid of anything with teeth. If you are working on a 3D Printing project that requires ABS plastic, then you may want cuts of various sizes and shapes. Cutting ABS plastic requires precision and focus. Then reposition the sheet and line up the grooved section to the edge of your workbench. As a plumber I encounter this a lot. Secure the pipe under the miter saw, aligning the mark under the saw blade at the workbench. The blade comes up through the table’s surface. They'll just melt and burn the plastic making a mess. This method works best if the sheets you are working on is approximately ⅛ inch thick. It’s also cheaper than other alternatives. The friction from the blades heats the material so simply let it sit for a couple of minutes before taking any additional steps. If you sand the pieces enough so you can get them together again when you add new cement, it should be okay. Using a Miter Saw ", Step 6: This way you don’t have to wipe the marked lines. The friction generated from the blade when cutting the plastic can cause the material to heat up. You need to clamp the ABS plastic on your workbench to stop it from moving. Using a marker or a highlighter, draw a cut line on the plastic sheet or pipe. © 2000-2020 Home Depot Product Authority, LLC. Here are some of the techniques you can put into practice when cutting ABS plastic: A plastic cutter or a similar utility knife can be used to cut thin sheets of ABS plastic. Use a sharp construction knife, box knife or pocket knife, and run it along the inside edge of the pipe… Mark the Cut and Secure the Pipe These materials must be glued with plumber's cement, … Hold the pipe firmly with one hand (12 inches or more from the blade) and squeeze the saw's trigger to turn it on. With 2 sizes available, the internal pipe cutter comes with a 1 1/2" (36mm) or 3 1/8" (80mm) cutting blade for cutting 1 ½” - 6” (40mm - 150mm) diameter, schedule 40 pipe. Hold the connected pipes for 30 seconds to ensure that it sticks. Cutting PVC Pipe Using a Miter Saw. NylonX Vs CarbonX: Which One You Need To Use? With scissor-style cutters, apply pressure to the handles and slowly rotate the cutter around the pipe. This may chip off some of the plastic segments, damaging the material. Any extra plastic sticking out can always be filed down after you have finished cutting the piece. Your piece will probably be left with rough edges after being cut. If you want to achieve circular and linear plastic cuts, a band saw will get the job done.  Compared to other saw variants, a band saw comes with a long ribbon-likee blade. It allows for detailed and precise cuts. Ratchet the top handle up and down until the blade slices through the pipe. Activate the saw and slowly bring it down until it severs the pipe. Tip: Check the local plumbing codes to find the required pipe type and size in your area. Bring the blade down for the cut, making sure to bring the blade completely through the pipe. Scissor-type cutters prove effective for small pipes of 1 inch in diameter or less but require more effort by hand.